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D-bar-A Boy Scout Summer Camp

Boy Scout Opportunities:

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  • Trail to Eagle
  • Standard Summer Camp
  • Yucca Trail & Ranch Hand
  • Eleven Year Old Overnighter

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Welcome to Boy Scout Summer Camp At D-bar-A Scout Ranch!

At summer camp at D-bar-A Scout Ranch, Scouts pick up new Scouting skills and develop some resourcefulness and self-reliance. They learn teamwork and team play, how to get along with other boys and to do their share in common duties.

The natural world can touch Scouts deeply- the stillness of the forest, the calm of the lake, freedom of the sky, and the beauty of the sunset.

Attending D-bar-A Scout Ranch for the summer, you will expect to find something for the first-year Scout, something for the older Scout, advancement opportunities for all Scouts, many service opportunities, a lot of anture and physical fitness, swimming and fun in the great outdoors. Most importantly, an opportunity for you to share in the thrill of the first-year camper who builds his first fire or cooks his first meal.

D-bar-A Summer Camp 2012 Calendar